About Us

Who we are?

The 75health is a responsible online platform with a team of professionals working closely with worldwide doctors and health experts across a broad range of specialty areas to make certain that the health records maintained are up to date, accurate, and helps you live a healthier life.

What do we do for our users?

This is a platform which is not just about being paperless. It is about inculcating a practice of simulated and simplified working with sharp systems that help doctors work efficiently and improve patient care. It is cost-efficient, prompt and secure. Lack of proper information may have a serious impact on the health care industry. We are a trusted platform for thousands of patients and medical professionals.

75Health is an attempt for improving the doctor-patient relationship. Successfully track, store and pass on patient information from one end to the other.

With the Internet becoming such a ubiquitous part of life, it is no surprise that it is increasingly becoming a part of the healthcare industry as well. Information technology, which is rightly considered as a powerful communication tool brings together multiple functionalities in a matter of seconds. A recent development in the industry is the introduction of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) software system.