About Us

Who we are?

The 75health is a responsible online platform with a team of professionals working closely with worldwide doctors and health experts across a broad range of specialty areas to make certain that the health records maintained are up to date, accurate, and helps you live a healthier life.

What do we do for our users?

This is a platform which is not just about being paperless. It is about inculcating a practice of simulated and simplified working with sharp systems that help doctors work efficiently and improve patient care. It is cost-efficient, prompt and secure. Lack of proper information may have a serious impact on the health care industry. We are a trusted platform for thousands of patients and medical professionals.

75Health is an attempt for improving the doctor-patient relationship. Successfully track, store and pass on patient information from one end to the other.

With the Internet becoming such a ubiquitous part of life, it is no surprise that it is increasingly becoming a part of the healthcare industry as well. Information technology, which is rightly considered as a powerful communication tool brings together multiple functionalities in a matter of seconds. A recent development in the industry is the introduction of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) software system.

Kumar Subramaniam, CEO

Kaaspro Enterprises has been able to flourish under the aegis of our motivating director Mr. Kumar Subramaniam, who is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of the company. It was he who has orchestrated the success of the organization and guided the team with vigour and expertise. Led by the robust director, the company has reached great heights. With nearly three decades of relevant industry experience, he has been the driving force that enabled it achieve superior business performance. He is also the co-founder of Kumaran Systems Inc. and has been behind the success story of the company and led the team ably under his guidance.

Making Kaaspro Enterprises a global leader in Electronic Medical Records platform is his vision and it is being carried out in earnest. His huge domain expertise in Information Technology has provided the company the edge to understand the nuances of the Medical IT field. Propelled by his leadership capabilities, the team has been able to make it big. By making use of the insights provided by him regarding management, the company has been rendered capable of aligning all its processes and ventures according to its business scheme. Mr. Kumar Subramaniam puts in great efforts for striking a perfect balance between management and technology. It has been his mission and Kaaspro Enterprises has been his mission manifestation.

Mrs. Sridevi Kumaramangalam, Md

Mrs. Sridevi Kumaramangalam is the energetic joint director of 75Health, and she is taking care of managing the everyday functions of the organization. She has successfully set up the crucial HR and financial policies and prepared standard functional procedures. She has joined hands with the management while working with the team, thus achieving to ensure that everyone is onboard to work together with compassion amid the environment filled with competition. Because of the efforts put up by her, today, 75Health has grown to be a huge team. She is instrumental in engaging new and young talent and upbringing the people in the present team. She shows interest in training and development of the team and believes in conveying expertise toward gaining newer development chances.

Anish Kumaramangalam , Director and CTO

Mr. Anish Kumaramangalam joined the Company as Director who is in charge of technology initiatives and implementation of the innovative version of 75Health Free EMR Software. Having completed his B.S. at San Francisco State University with Computer Engineering as major, he has accomplished several feats including novel projects such as restaurant reservation website, automated aquarium, and Text Scrambler.

He has been extremely successful in forging cordial and long-term relationships with health care facilities across the globe. He is responsible for IT and takes an active role in investor relationship and developing strategy. He has pledged to make 75Health one of the fastest growing medical information technology service providers in the world serving global physicians and practices.

Before joining 75Health, Mr. Anish was involved in varied projects and internships including performing closed box testing and generating new use cases and listing bugs. He was instrumental in offering the free version of 75Health EMR Software that serves the medical fraternity.

P Venkata Paneedhar Kumar, Vice President

Mr. P Venkata Paneedhar Kumar, B.tech(IT) & MBA(Is) is the vice president of 75Health and an active member of Kaaspro since 2012. He with his 6 years of industry experience aims at inculcating multinational cultures with aesthetic value systems. He has an immense contribution to the growth and development of 75Health. As a functional team leader at Kaaspro Enterprises, he is involved in sales, marketing, and customer support. He possesses an exceptional eye for detail which proves beneficial towards the company's brand positioning.

G Saravana Kumar, Sales Manager

Mr. G Saravana Kumar, MBA (project management) bestows his services as a Sales Manager to 75Health. His proficiency in designing marketing strategies that translate to product profitability and sales is truly noteworthy. His 15+ years of experience and expertise towards customer relationship management aims at synchronizing sales, customer service, and operations. With diligence and commitment, he works recurrently to enhance customer loyalty and trust.

Our goal is to help you provide the highest quality of patient care, patient safety, patient privacy, Meaningful Use, health information exchange, regulatory compliance and other initiatives that will impact your practice.

Find out how 75Health ensures the quality, accuracy and security of your information. We welcome feedback to improve our existing functionality and operations.