Medical charting software - for storing patient medical histories, test results, and all relevant medical information efficiently!

Providing access to complete Helath Record through automated processes, medical charts facilitate collecting and keeping track of patients' medical records.

Medical Chart

Medical chart is the complete record that consists of a patient's vital clinical information as well as health record such as patient demographics, diagnoses, vital signs, treatment plans, problems, medications, progress notes, allergies, immunization details, lab test results, and radiology images.
Medical charts generally include medical notes created by physicians, nurses, lab technicians, or any other member belonging to the healthcare team that manages the patient's health. Systematic documentation of patients' health record, treatment, and care depend on complete and accurate medical charts.

Information included in medical charts

Medical charts are supposed to consist of records about all medically relevant events that have occurred in a patient's life since birth. Events such as illnesses, diseases, and landmarks about growth, when presented clearly, help clinicians understand everything that has happened to the patient previously. This proves crucial to providers in diagnosing the patients' current medical conditions.

Significance of medical charts

Convenient and quick access to complete health record of patients proves essential for doctors as well as their supporting staff. Unavailable or missing information might lead to incorrect diagnosis being made, thus endangering patient's lives at times.

Innovative medical charting software

Medical charting software allows you to store all necessary patient information efficiently and conveniently. In fact, it is an electronic health record (EHR) which serves all the purposes of the former paper-based medical record. It is in the digital format, and it helps keeping all essential data at one place. Accessing and analyzing it are easy and fast; you may edit the contents, and any changes will be visible in the system too, immediately.

Exclusive benefits of medical charting software

Making use of the comprehensive 75Health medical charting software offers several benefits; a few have been listed below:
  • Convenient and quick access to crucial information
  • Improved diagnosis and better treatment
  • Practice productivity increases
  • Reliable data security
  • Saving in time and efforts
  • Seamless charting is made possible
Supporting several care-related activities through different interfaces, the modern EHR guarantees that patients' medical charts are stored in a way that ensures accuracy and easy accessibility.