Simple way to learn all about custom flow sheets and how they can be used to offer numerous benefits to your practice.

Physicians and care teams are inundated with patient information; getting access to the relevant information at the time of requirement is not easy. Entry and review of data in the EHR system over time is a task that providers need to face quite frequently. The entry and review of data into flow sheets is challenging. Here's where a customizable solution that meets multiple provider requirements across size of practice, specialty, and physician needs is required. The answer is customizable flow sheets!
Replacing the vitals section of encounters, customizable flow sheets help providers to easily track patient medical data, identify the gaps in the care related to chronic diseases, and enable viewing past lab results at the time of encounter.

How Does the Custom Flow Sheet Help Your Practice?

  • Structured Lab Results: Populating lab results automatically into flow sheets is made possible; double entry is not required
  • Recording and tracking conditions with several customizable vitals, pain evaluations, and other related medical data over time is possible
  • No need to pore over numerous lab reports - you may view lab results longitudinally in one place
  • Lab value trends may be assessed with comparison while abnormal values are automatically flagged
  • Charts can be defaulted to the primary physician's flow sheets, thus enabling the care team of the patient to access the salient medical data quickly
  • Flow sheet of common panels may be created in just minutes by using the simple and easy-to-use flow sheet creator

Fully Customizable Flow Sheets

Flow sheets being dynamic, you are enabled to have a more detailed view of patients' health metrics. Moreover, new opportunities are offered for viewing and modifying the information according to your need. This helps adding customized vital measures and removing the sections which you do not require, apart from tailoring your chart notes according to the specific practice preferences and specialization.
You are enabled to expedite provider data entry with custom flow sheets. Combining an elegant web-interface with other applications, custom flow charts prove very helpful to practices of all sizes and specialties.