Make money while you save time for your practice using the top-ranked e-prescribing system

What is electronic prescribing?

Electronic prescribing or e-prescribing is the process of generating and sending of prescription orders electronically, enabling medical practitioners to transmit these directly to pharmacies from the point of care. Involving accuracy and improving patient safety, this helps increase care quality. Errors are prevented as well, as there's no need for pharmacists to interpret handwriting.
Known for ease of use and being connected with a wide network of pharmacies, 75Health e-prescribing system helps providers to streamline several processes from submission of prior authorization to sending ecoupons to pharmacies. Patients are enabled to get the medications they require faster.

Benefits of e-prescribing

Time and resources are saved:Being directly delivered to the computer systems of the pharmacies, not much manual effort is required for pharmacy staff - such as entering data or calling for clarifying orders.
Cost reduction: Increasing first fill medication adherence, e-prescribing has the potential to save as much as billions in the coming years.
Patient safety improvement: With the possibility of misinterpretation prevented using the e-prescribing, errors are reduced considerably, increasing patient safety.

The top-ranked e-prescription system

75Health provides flexible and fast e-prescribing platform that has been adjudged as the most easy-to-use system. Several thousand pharmacies being connected in the network, our software ensures quick, accurate, and reliable medication delivery.
Multiple medication e-prescriptions in a single order
Double entry can be reduced by placing order for all the prescriptions of patients in a single electronic order.
  • Each prescription can be edited or modified for ensuring script ate, SIG, and refill count. Accuracy is assured before sending.
  • Each prescription can be edited or modified for ensuring script ate, SIG, and refill count. Accuracy is assured before sending.
  • Medication allergy indications are displayed for every medication. This helps you to meet Meaningful Use e-prescribing measures, in addition to avoiding penalties and increasing incentives.
  • Overall care quality can be improved.
Time is saved
Having started e-prescribing, you will find your pharmacies and patients sending refill requests to your EHR directly. It requires just a few clicks for denying or approving refill requests from any digital device that is internet-connected.
Exclusive Benefits of 75Health e-prescribing system
  • Quick medication search database
  • Common SIGs are pre-filled - saving time
  • Full medication list may be viewed
  • Frequently prescribed medications may be searched quickly, enabling you to find the medication that you look for
  • Pharmacy search function helps track the pharmacy you are looking for
Patient adherence to treatment prescribed
Patients can be provided with educational materials. Specific questions from patients may be answered efficiently through the secure online communication. Patients will get access to their health records and vital information about their medication at any time.