The Top-Electronic Health Record (EHR) to achieve improved care delivery with increased efficiency

Deliver the most optimal care by using the innovative, cloud-based EHR from 75Health

No hassles of downloading any software or managing any hardware. Being cloud-based assures regular updating - enabling providers to stay current in the constantly shifting clinical environment.

  • Charting possible on any digital device
  • Exclusive patient portal
  • Automated updates
  • Integrated support for policies

Organize and assure efficient patient care using the most modern EHR Software

Manage patient information accurately before and after visits. Obtain access to reliable and relevant health records easily and quickly.

Quick and convenient access to critical information

Achieve information-based decision making

>Increase practice productivity and efficiency

Organize and assure efficient patient care using the most modern EHR Software

We have achieved reaching the top slot through working dedicatedly and by creating our innovative platform with the assistance and feedback of numerous clinicians. This has enabled our product to be recognized as the top-ranked EHR for its accuracy, reliability, overall performance, and much more!

Get your clinical workflows customized to your specific needs and save considerable time and efforts

The 75Health EHR offers a library of charting templates that are customizable. Enabling you to send lab and radiology orders and e-prescribe quickly, and share results instantly from electronic health records of your patients.

  • Possibility to link Lab and imaging
  • Top-rated e-prescribing
  • Intuitive charting
  • Increased patient engagement
  • Improved patient safety

Get access to reliable technology and assistance from dedicated team of professionals

You can get help in the form of guidance from experts toward implementation, modification, updating, and overall use of the EHR - we assure complete support and help that you need and deserve.

  • Custom design and implementation
  • Round-the-clock assistance
  • Prompt support
  • Resources on demand

"I was required to put up extra hours on work during the initial years of my practice; there was always something to be taken care of carefully. I had practically little time for home and my kids. The practice kept me going on a lifestyle that was regularly hectic and demanding. Now, thanks to 75Health EHR, I've started winding up my work early and spend time with my family. The cloud-based solution from 75Health ensures safety of patients while relieving me from having to spend a lot of time on medical records."