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Superbill Developed for ICD-10

It is quite common that medical practices make use of superbill to account for patients' diagnoses (ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes) and services provided (CPT Codes). It becomes essential that these forms are regularly being updated so as to reflect code changes, if any. A major overhaul of the superbill is necessitated by the transition to ICD-10. With greater specificity in several areas of ICD-10, many ICD-10 codes might map back to a single ICD-9 code. In order to determine code assignment appropriately, it is necessary to review the full list of ICD-10 codes, as well as coding conventions and guidelines properly.

Looking for the Best ICD-10-Ready EHR?

Superbills, the forms used by clinicians and practitioners, prove to be the main source for creating healthcare claims that need to be submitted later to insurance providers or employers for the purpose of reimbursement. Superbill plays the important role of submitting billed medical information to the responsible organization. Electronic superbills have been designed in such a way that you are enabled to save not only efforts and money but also precious practice time.

Tested Transactions and Seamlessly Flowing Claims

We ensure that your charting and billing are connected in seamless manner with our superbill. Dedicated tab gives more space for adding procedures, entering your diagnoses, and move easily between various areas of your chart.

You may select codes from charting or encounter diagnoses quickly from the superbill; there's no need for reentering diagnoses. ICD-9 as well as ICD-10 codes will display in the superbill, making it convenient to you. Testing has been completed with billing partners, ensuring that there's proper flow of claims between our systems. This makes hassle-free submission of claims possible.

Superbill for ICD-10

Superbills and EHR templates provide the platform required for regular use of codes. This makes it essential to implement them properly for EHR coding to function perfectly. The ability to indicate the medical services that you have provided is vital; with our superbill, you may quickly and efficiently do this. This translates to financial profit of your practice.

Automation of charge capture through your EHR results in higher, accurate levels of E&M coding. What's more, the EHR suggests codes automatically during patient encounter, in accordance with the content in patient progress note.

  • No worry about undercharging
  • Superbills are the standard in daily usage of codes
  • Revenue cycle management is considerably improved
  • E-superbills increase staff productivity
  • Practice Cash flow can be greatly improved

It is time to change to an ICD-10 ready billing partner. 75Health EHR- the ready-to-use EHR enables you to smoothly transition to ICD-10 billing without disruption!