Accurate Medical Billing Software

Manage your practice billing the way you want. Achieve faster reimbursement and financial stability using 75Health Medical Billing Service.

Here's how you may increase practice revenue with simple, yet effective billing

Managing billing and improving practice revenue have been the difficult but essential things that need to be faced by every medical practice. Not anymore - with 75Health cloud-based EHR, you may streamline these processes in an adept and smooth manner.
Billing task made easy, proven to ensure proper reimbursement, and facilitate providers to better focus on their patients.
Unlike traditional billing systems that just give software, 75Health EHR with medical billing system delivers a comprehensive medical billing management system that is not only packed with robust tools and customized options that enable practices to achieve the best billing process but also has continuously updated rules engine that ensure your practice sticks to adherence and compliance needs.

Error-free Claims

Getting paid the first time is made possible by the 75Health medical Billing Software; a major portion of your claims will successfully be adjudicated on first submission. Efficient management of payer regulations is facilitated and insurance rules and payer trends are always on the watch. With the rules engine alerting any issues in a claim automatically, clean claim submission and faster reimbursement are only natural - with 75Health Billing Software.
  • Constant ICD-10 update.
  • Track and manage claims efficiently.
  • Reduce workload while increasing chances of prompt payment collection.
  • Hassle-free, effective billing and accounting process.
  • Quality programs that impart updated knowledge and insights, while providing new and useful information.

Patient insurance eligibility verification directly from EHR.

Insurance eligibility checks can be rolled out before appointments.

PQRS and Meaningful Use - certified: eliminate penalties.

75Health medical billing system empowers patients to know more about your services, helps you promote your medical practice, and manage your online presence efficiently.

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