Looking to save time in your medical practice? Use our robust practice management tool.

75Health offers all essential tools required for managing a medical practice efficiently while improving clinical workflows.

Here's how you may save money and time - join the network adopted by the most healthcare providers:
See how 75Health EHR has been ranked at the top consistently when user satisfaction is concerned. Advanced practice management tools that enable practices to access the largest pharmacy, imaging center, and lab networks. What's more, you don't need any additional software or hardware!.

Quick and easy charting using any digital device

Our templates ensure that practices and providers are able to chart even while on the go - web-based solution facilitates you may complete your notes from remote locations and at any time.

Direct ordering of imaging and lab tests from the EHR

One of the well-connected networks in the current healthcare setting, 75Health partners with hundreds of imaging centers and labs. Just order and collect results within your EHR directly - cutting down on scanning and faxing.

Streamlined communication and referrals

We provide digital referral that ensures eliminating loss of referrals or being overlooked. Instant online retrieval of referrals by any healthcare provider from anywhere is facilitated. Messaging among patients and staff in a secure way allows instant collaboration among practices.

E-prescribing across thousands of pharmacies

Ease-of-use and instant connectivity have enabled us to achieve being ranked as number 1 - 75Health EHR-based prescribing gives convenience and safety to patients. Medication allergies and errors are eliminated and a lot of time is saved.

What Makes 75Health Practice Management Stand Out?

  • Sending eCoupons with prescriptions is possible.
  • Practice-specific performance metrics help improve care.
  • Clinical data can be easily exchanges through the EHR.
  • Charting can be started in just a few seconds, with no need for any additional software or hardware.

Figure out for yourself how 75Health has enabled thousands of providers to manage their healthcare facilities efficiently.