Clinical Quality Measures

Clinical Quality Measure

Providers are enabled to track the various factors related to patient care using electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs). It is required of all providers to report on the necessary number of eCQMs for meeting the program needs.

eCQMs are classified under any one of six National Quality Strategy areas as given below:

  • Efficient use of the healthcare resources
  • Patient safety
  • Patient and family engagement
  • Clinical processes and effectiveness
  • Care coordination
  • Population and public health

Requirements of Reporting

From the year 2015, practices are required to attest 9 eCQMs which will cover a minimum of 3 out of 6 NQS areas. Practices have the choice of submitting electronically a full year's data of eCQMs; they are enabled to download data from 75Health that they can upload to the Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) portal. Practices may choose to submit eCQM data manually for the reporting period during their attestation to the CMS.

Enhanced quality and better outcomes

With 75Health, practices may meet clinical quality measures

Infusing our web-based EHR with clinical intelligence, practices will be able to position their health system to enhance care, adopt outcome-centered payment models, and attain financial benefits.
No additional clinical staff has to be hired for researching quality management programs, tracking compliance, and implementing clinical quality measures. 75Health EHRs efficiently take care of all these for Meaningful Use, MIPS, or other value-based initiatives.
Our team of clinical intelligence keeps regularly updating quality management process that embeds clinical quality measures automatically into the practice workflow. This being the least abrasive, providers are enabled to better focus on patient care and achieve patient satisfaction.

Reporting eCQMs for Medicaid program

Providers who participate in the Medicaid incentive program have to submit their eCQM data to their state directly. Each state shares the details with its provider community for electronic reporting as well as timelines.