Required Criteria for Meaningful Use of EHR Software

Making Meaningful Use Easy IS Among our Priorities.

Criteria for meaningful use of EHR

In order to achieve meaningful use of EHR and quality for incentives, you need to meet specific criteria. Practices need to demonstrate that they are making meaningful use of their EHR. This can be accomplished by meeting thresholds of several objectives.
To be able to receive the Medicare and Medicaid EHR incentive payments, it is essential that eligible professionals and hospitals have to use an EHR system that has been specifically certified. Certified EHR technology will have the required capabilities for meeting meaningful use criteria.

Significance of Meaningful Use

Incentive payments have been extended to eligible professionals having successfully demonstrated meaningful use of certified EHR technology - this has been enforced under the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act) enacted under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act). The Recovery Act describes three primary components of meaningful use.

Choosing Your Certified EHR Technology

According to the earlier rule (as per 2011 edition criteria), standards for certified technology for EHR incentive programs required participants to have an EHR that's capable of meeting all certification criteria for inpatient or ambulatory environment. Each provider was expected to have a comprehensive EHR with all necessary functionalities.
The policy has been changed in the new rule (as per the 2014 edition criteria), according to which there's flexibility for acquiring the EHR that just meets Stage 1 or Stage 2 requirements with relation to meaningful use in the practice setting.
75Health provides meaningful use dashboard that helps you track your progress related to all the measures. Regardless of your position in the reporting period, you will be able to see your status easily and understand what actions need to be taken by you for meeting meaningful use. With specific tools that we have provided, you may identify individual patients who miss important data about a specific measure.
Meaningful use criteria are classified into two groups, namely, the core set, and the menu set. The core set is mandatory, while out of the menu set, hospitals and eligible professionals can select five out of the ten criteria.

Choose the certified EHR that best fits your practice needs

Vendors are now offering smaller scoped, yet more specific certified EHR modules that closely align with practice needs. Tailored products may be viewed from the certified health IT product list that furnishes all the certified EHR technologies.

Modified meaningful use Stage 2 and Stage 3

Eligible professionals have to attest to any combination of two measures out of the three. For Stage 3, they are required to attest to any two out of the five measures.