Meaningful Use Stage 1 -> Modified Stage 2

Meaningful use Stage 1 has become Stage 2

Stage 1 has been transitioned to Modified Stage 2 for reporting period 2015 and the period after that. The earlier 13-core, 9-menu needs have been altered to 10 objectives.
In this connection, medical practices reporting for Stage 1 in the year 2015 will have to report on all the objectives of Stage 2 excluding those measures not present in Stage 1; these are known as Modified Stage 2. The following explains how Stage 1 core and menu needs align with the 10 objectives that practices are now expected to report on.

Meaningful Use - getting started

Participants of Meaningful use who have not attested so far will have to report on 10 objectives that are mentioned below, excluding objectives 5 and 9 for the reporting period of year 2015.

Objective # 1: Patient health information

Security threats need to be analyzed and necessary security updates are to be implemented.

Objective # 2: Clinical decision support

Clinical support must be used for enhancing performance on the high-priority medical conditions.

Objective # 3: Computerized provider order entry (CPOE)

CPOE must be used for laboratory, radiology, and medication orders.

Objective # 4: e-Prescribing

Permissible prescriptions must be electronically generated and transmitted.

Objective # 5: Health information exchange

In the event patients are referred or transitioned to other caregivers or facilities, a separate summary care record related to each transition of care or referral must be provided.

Objective # 6: Patient-centered education

Clinically relevant data from CEHRT must be used for identifying patient-centric education resources and these resources need to be provided to patients.

Objective # 7: Medication reconciliation

Medication reconciliation must be performed while receiving patients from another provider other setting.

Objective # 8: Patent electronic access (VDT)

Patients must be provided the ability of viewing, downloading, and transferring their health information within 4 days of the provider gets the information.

Objective # 9: Secure messaging

Electronic messaging must be used for patient communications about appropriate health information.

Objective # 10: Public health

It is necessary to engage with a public health agency for submitting electronic public information from CEHRT.

Meaningful Use Stage 1 - 2014 measure

Core 1: CPOE for Medication Orders

Core 2: Medication Interaction Checks

Core 3: Problem list maintenance

Core 4: e-Prescribing

Core 5: Active medication list

Core 6 List of medication allergies

Core 7: Demographics are to be recorded

Core 8: Vital signs are to be recorded

Core 9: Smoking status to be recorded

Core 10: Clinical Decision support Rule

Core 11: Patient electronic access

Core 12: Clinical summaries

Core 13: Protection of electronic health information

Menu 1: Medication formulary checks

Menu 2: Clinical lab test results

Menu 3: Patient lists

Menu 4: Patient reminders

Menu 5: Patient-centric education resources

Menu 6: Medication reconciliation

Menu 7: Care summary transition

Menu 8: Immunization registries data submission

Menu 9: Syndromic surveillance data submission