Non-Profit Health Centers

Improvement of the community is our commitment.

Assisting clinics and non-profits sail through smoothly.
75Health strives for improving the community by delivering sophisticated and efficient health IT systems to healthcare providers. We are leaders in health information technology services. We work along with the community in promoting health.
75Health EHR solution helps non-profits and charitable organizations to better manage the health of the population. This web-based health information technology enables healthcare providers to document their patient encounters accurately while making it possible to share them with specialists too.
It is our endeavor to partner with non-profits, community health care facilities, and clinics to promote the health and well-being of the population. Quite a lot of charitable and clinics have adopted our EHR that helps them meet more patients and saves valuable time and efforts.
With 75Health EHR System, providers are enabled to diagnose and treat patients faster and better, while patients are ensured of the most optimal care delivery.
Our partnership with non-profits gives them access to innovative technology and tools using which they can improve their patients care. It also facilitates them to cater to the needs of people from different levels of the society, regardless of their financial capability.
With 75Health EHR, medical practices and charitable organizations may manage their everyday operations and patient interactions efficiently. It is our endeavor to volunteer with charitable and non-profit organizations regularly for providing support to immediate community.