Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement helps empowering patients to improve their health

The most efficient EHR that comes with patient engagement system

Patient engagement is no longer a small part of healthcare - it offers multiple benefits!

75Health's patient portal helps achieve patient engagement successfully. The cloud-based portal enables patients to have easy and quick access to personal health records (PHRs), scheduling, educational resources, and care instructions, thus empowering them to participate actively in their care.

Patient engagement - the fundamentals

Patient engagement is empowering patients to actively take part in the decision making process about their health, by providing the necessary skills and knowledge that facilitate them to develop willingness and confidence.
In modern medicine, effective patient engagement is considered the base for providing the most optimal care. It helps increase the performance of medical practices and their chances of success. Patient engagement is made possible using the exclusive patient portal provided in the modern EHR Software.

Significance of Patient Engagement in the Healthcare Ecosystem

It has been proven by studies and from experience that high patient engagement is a driving factor that results in better health outcomes as well as lower costs of medical services.
Patient engagement helps in increasing patient treatment adherence and lowering the treatment requirements. Being able to achieve improved health outcomes under reduced costs makes patient engagement crucial in the modern healthcare setting.

75Health EHR's patient portal enables your practice to empower patients participate actively in their care

A major portion of individuals who have access to their health records want to go online for viewing the same; not all of them have online access. Two out of three people prefer online access. Patients today are even prepared to switch physicians for gaining online access to their health records in the digital mode.
The exclusive patient portal provided in the 75Health EHR makes this possible. Administrative tasks are automated and your practice reaches new patients. The cloud-based 75Health EHR Software facilitates new patients to find you easily and allows them to book appointments conveniently online.

Patient engagement systems - the objectives

  • To achieve improved care, reduced costs, and better patient experience
  • To efficiently meet quality improvement standards by using the tools available in the patient engagement systems
  • To increase practice efficiency and patient loyalty
Patient engagement-a crucial component of Meaningful Use-enables patients to access information and take part in their health care. No wonder that patient engagement software solutions are now an essential component in the healthcare industry.
Practices seeking ways to accomplish better clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction need to go in for EHR Software that provides the best patient engagement system.