Efficient Patient management that helps practices to reach patients effortlessly and efficiently

Here's how you may expedite your practice's administrative processes and patient communication so that you gain more time for patient care

Patient Management

Patient management software provides a number of useful, automated systems that enable providers and practices to track all relevant details about patients such as patient information, prescriptions, diagnoses, encounters, and interactions within healthcare facilities. It includes collecting and storing medical information from medical devices as well.
This software can be used to focus on general patient management as well as to address certain specific processes such as blood testing or inpatient tracking.

Provide the online tools patients look for today

When it comes to their health management, today's individuals look for healthcare providers having effective tools for communication and management. According to surveys, patient management has acquired importance among a large majority of the modern population in the world.
  • Over 70% of patients want to get their health appointments booked online
  • Nearly 72% expect their prescriptions to be refilled online
  • 65% want online communication with their healthcare providers
  • Over 71% want their appointment and treatment reminders to be delivered through texting and/or emails
To be able to provide what patients expect today, it is essential that you choose an EHR that has cloud-based patient management and patient engagement platforms.

The double benefit of managing online presence and getting new patients

Through patient management systems available in your EHR, it is possible for patients to search and get their appointments booked online. With the help of patient appointment reminders, missed appointments and time spent on phone can be reduced, leading to increased practice efficiency.
  • Online profiles in 75Health EHR enables your patients to find your practice online so that they may book their appointments
  • Appointment reminders being automatically emailed to patients ensures that no-shows are prevented and this leads to increased take-home revenue for the practice

Online check-in enables patients to complete intake forms prior to appointments

Online check-in feature provided by 75Health helps patients to fill out their intake forms in a customized manner. Filled online, these can automatically flow into patients' chart notes, saving manual entry of the same.
  • Automatic reconciliation of insurance and demographic information.
  • Easy-to-create and customizable intake forms for online check-in.
  • Patients save time as they need not fill manual forms; office staff are relieved from having to manually enter or scan necessary information into EHRs.
  • Patients may check and validate relevant health information from the convenience of their home / office; providers get all essential and relevant data in accurate manner.

Communicate effectively with patients regardless of geographical locations

One of the key features in 75Health EHR is the instant communication facility. While patients are able to inquire and get their necessary information, providers are offered new insights about their patients. This ensures patients get more personalized and optimal care.
  • Electronically share lab results, care plans, and medications
  • Instantly refill prescriptions
  • Secure exchange of messages between providers and patients