Our 75Health EHR Case studies

EHR Case Study: Pediatrics

Dr. S. Elamparithi, having decided to take the plunge into digital health records, looked for a vendor with unmatched customer service.
Dr. S. Elamparithi
Dr. S. Elamparithi was particular about not compromising the quality of EHR. Something he has followed all through his career spanning years as a pediatrics specialist. After checking several products from different vendors, he came across 75Health. Although initially hesitant to go totally digital, he quickly understood the advantages of adopting 75Health EHR. He later decided to go into the EHR in a big way.
An improved practice
Dr. S. Elamparithi has been able to achieve completing the Meaningful USE Program. He says, "After I realized its potential, I wanted to get into this EHR fully. It proved very helpful to me during my attestation year. This EHR not only improved my record management but also enhanced my practice!"
"As a Pediatrician I am very comfortable using this. Vaccination and appointment reminders are most lovely features. Lab values and receipt features attached with software are awesome. Simply this software will boost your confidence which I am very sure."

EHR Case Study: Surgeon

Having had a difficult time with another EHR, Dr. Haroon Haffejee, surgeon, came across 75Health and has ever since been using it. He now finds 75Health EHR quite useful and effective in maintaining his patients' medical information in an accurate and easily accessible way.
Dr. Haroon Haffejee
"I had an excellent PC based EHR software and needed to migrate to a Web based product. After evaluating numerous web-based EHRs, I found that only one stood out as a candidate based on excellent features and flexibility - 75Health.com. It is very fast - probably the fastest ever software... Thanks! Strongly recommended."

Dr. Larry Mbobo, MD - Harmella Wellness Institute

Exclusive product, Reliable customer support
"This software has enabled me to improve the overall efficiency of my practice. With no glitches, this system has proven to be robust and helpful. Not requiring any additional hardware or software, it is just wonderful in performance!"
Used to EMRs
Dr. Larry Mbobo had been seeking an EMR for efficiently managing his busy medical practice. "I was having and EHR system that cost me a hefty sum in software and hardware. Unable to get support from the install team, I came to know that the company had gone bust!"
"As the software is cloud-based, I could perform a trial run from my home before I practically used it on my patients. It got me intrigued within minutes. Customizable and nimble, it improved my data entry!"
"The smart way of conducting medical practice. Easy to use, interactive and seamless and allows for migration from paper to a paperless, cloud-based environment, saving on storage space and reducing a cost of doing business."

Ishmael Ntuta: Software Analyst - Actebis Business Group

"Only authorized personnel have access to medical records. For Doctors, it is easier to treat a patient as all their health record is already available. Once they have been registered and activated, patients can be treated anywhere as long as the doctor is using 75health.com.""
"Patients have access to their medical records through their phone(s) or email. Doctors can easily dispense medication and scripts as they will already be having the health record of their patients. The confidentiality of 75health.com is out of this world! Patients can arrange appointments with their doctors through 75health.com using only their phones and vice versa. I believe 75health.com is the future when it comes to keeping doctors, patients, pharmacies, and medical aids up to date once it has fully launched and customized to everyone's needs!"

EHR Case Study: Senior Physician

Not aware about the benefits of going digital, Dr. Kiran stumbled upon 75Health and then began totally dependent on it.
Dr. Kiran, MD - Senior Physician, New Delhi
Easy and quick transition
His assistant came to know that Dr. Kiran, with over 25 years of experience in paper-based environment, will find the switch hard. He set up the system one day in a surprising move. And Dr. Kiran, after getting used to it, was awestruck by the features and benefits it offered.
Digital is comfortable
Dr. Kiran had to put in a little effort to get used to the computer environment, but the results were quite appreciable. When he got to learn the templates, he even insisted on digitalizing the records pertaining to the last ten years!.
Matchless support
"It is our privilege to associate with 75health.com for using your user-friendly PHR software, to our Doctors. We have gone through many medical software to choose for our Doctors Medical Practice but found little complicated. Indian Doctors specially established practitioners look for easy operating, simple understandable, and gives comprehensive medical information of the patients as per WHO norms."
"75health.com has all features what actually doctors needed in the interest of patients. There are some features that are really unique. 75health.com is the best available PHR software in India with its unique features as its own USP. As a physician I appreciate the whole 75health team to give this wonderful product to the Indian doctors' community in the interest of the patients. I wish them good luck and I offer myself to be a part in developing further level of next generation."

EHR Case Study: Dental Practice

Having adopted the 75Health EHR, this dental practice has been relying on it for its successful running.
Using 75Health since two years, Dr. Amna Aaqil manages a successful dental practice in a paperless setting.
The practice set up
"Ours is a dental practice having a dentist, a nurse practitioner, a back office personnel, and a receptionist. Seeing patients of all ages, we are almost always kept busy."
Choosing and implementing the 75Health EHR
"I was looking for an EHR system but contemplated whether or not to invest and maintain one with high costs. Moreover, training needs and the expected steep learning curve involved made me hesitant. When I came to know about the easy-to-implement and maintain 75Health EHR, that decided me!"
Cool Interaction with 75Health
"It's an extremely easy to use software with a user-friendly interface. It covers all the aspects from maintaining Patient database to managing appointments to billing. Plus the system alert SMS to patient really helps. The response time to any query is excellent and the back end team is very cooperative."

EHR Case Study: Cardiologist, EMR Developer

During the last few years, Dr. Randeep Singla realized that the cardiology practice needed reliable and efficient patient record management system to address several factors
After searching for long and an extensive analysis, Dr. Randeep Singla and his team finally chose 75Health. Dr. Randeep Singla pointed to cost-effectiveness and accuracy as the primary factors in his selection process.
The advantages of 75Health EHR were immediate. Even being in the close vicinity of the hurricane-struck region didn't put off Dr. Randeep Singla's practice- the team continued without break.
After looking at 5 vendors, Dr. Gordon decided on 75Health EHR, a cloud-based solution that had sophisticated features and offered unlimited customization
"Good web-based EMR, nice and cool user interface. User can organize various components of health record as per their preference. The software has inbuilt support for ICD, SNOMED and procedure codes. Inbuilt medication database with brand name helps in faster generation of prescription. Streamline my practice, reduce paperwork.Improve patient experience."