Sharing Custom Templates

A guide to learn about custom templates sharing and how practices can be benefitted by them.

Obtain the maximum possible from sharing custom templates

It is common that healthcare providers are required to maintain detailed and complete charting documentation. It is not just for managing their patients' health and meeting regulatory needs, it impacts their claims reimbursements as well. Patient visits need to be thoroughly documented, in addition to an in-depth health record of patients. While not all busy providers may find the time to write or type the large data while they are engrossed in patient care management in their examination rooms, sharing custom templates helps them achieve this effortlessly.
We have revamped our charting interface to serve the requirements of providers better. You are enabled to share templates with your practice or across select practices, as you need. The community library lets you copy, customize, and edit myriad number of pre-designed charting templates that have been built by providers like you.
Templates that each provider publishes in the community template library will be helpful to all providers in saving their time and efforts, while improving their patient care management. Enriched with a collection of a large number of great and effective templates, the library helps sharing providers' expertise through the following features:

Sharing of templates: Your templates, when being extensively adopted and rated highly, build your reputation in clinical care. It is possible for you to share templates with individuals; you may also share them across your entire practice by job role or by specialty.

Other templates can be rated: : You can help peers and other providers to choose templates that best help them by streamlining their workflow and assist their patient care - by rating the templates that you made use of.

Customizing and republishing existing templates: It is possible to build upon existing templates for helping the community so that best practices may be adopted.

Templates are available in several portions of 75Health EHR. It is easy to customize and share templates to suit the specific needs of different specialties and practices of varied sizes. Your templates, when published, will help the entire community by assisting physicians outside your specific practice in expediting setting up new EHRs, apart from creating new workflow processes and caring for those patients with the conditions that they do not see typically.