EHR Software caters the need of small and medium clinics

The top-ranking EHR catering to the needs of small and medium practices.

Flexible billing, custom-implementation, adaptive charting,and e-prescribing,among several features to enable you operate the way you want.

Small and medium sized practices may enjoy the flexibility by using the best EHR available. 75Health has been rated as No 1 among the top EHRs in the market in:

  • Meaningful Use
  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Overall Performance
  • Customer Care & Support
  • Training
Empower yourself to save costs while improving ROI.
Providers end up spending roughly USD 30,000 more than their budget, EHR being one significant element.
You can customize the EHR to best suit your practice.
You don't need a lot of money, energy, and time to set up this EHR. Charting is possible in just a few minutes - you have the flexibility to customize this EHR to suit your requirements. What's more, we've been rated as No 1 continually when it comes to small and medium practices!

E-prescription made easy

Our unmatched e-prescribing system ensures that your patients get necessary Medications faster.

  • Electronic order submission to any e-prescribing-enabled pharmacy.
  • Automated pre-authorizations that save hours of paperwork.
  • Avoid double entry using the ‘single order for multiple medications option.
  • Medication allergy checks.
  • Two-click prescription refills for speeding up care.

Charting made easy

Intuitive and natural charting enabled with just few clicks and typing. Personalization of preferences offers more time that can be used for patient visits.

  • Anywhere charting using your preferred digital device.
  • Modify and edit charting templates according to your practice workflow.
  • Lab and imaging ordering and receiving results in electronic mode.
  • Track patient health information quickly and access historic lab reports.
  • Track and manage referrals easily.

Practicing made easy

Cut down your time on administrative tasks while spending more time with patients.
  • Use reporting dashboards to track your progress.
  • Customized appointments using recurring appointment scheduler.
  • Automatic appointment reminders.
  • Exclusive patient portal online.

Medical billing made easy

Flexible options for billing enable faster payment. In-house or through billing service, bill the way you need and simplify billing process.
  • Patient insurance eligibility verification.
  • Electronic superbills.
  • Search and find ICD-10 codes.
  • Contemporary billing solutions can be integrated with the EHR.
With our tailor-made solutions and customized implementation support, get started in just minutes!.
You have the option to use only the features that you require.
You can figure out for yourself how we have reached the No 1 spot across multiple medical specialties.