Starting a Medical Practice

75Health EHR helps practices thrive and empower them to manage changes as they come up!

Achieve the capability to deliver the best care by leveraging the cloud-based EHR Software.

Hassle-free, instant, and customizable EHR created and implemented with the participation of medical professionals ensures your practice is always a step ahead.

Role of 75Health EHR in Helping You Start a Medical Practice

75Health EHR provides the business acumen that complements your clinical skills. It enablies you to spend more time with patients while reducing potential distractions. All these lead to improved clinician efficiency and practice productivity.

The result-driven health information technology that helps you meet the challenges of starting a new practice - 75Health EHR System

  • Effective analytics and detailed reporting helps you to view financial and operational performance to inform data-driven decision making.
  • Stay ahead of the changes in the industry by acquiring real-time knowledge of the latest regulations, needs, and opportunities.
  • Effortless and faster collections help improve your practice's financial well-being
  • Easy communication channels enable sharing information with other medical professionals and practices

Growth-oriented and scalable. Facilitates care coordination across all practice operations. Information accuracy and timely access warranted. The unrivalled 75Health EHR

With focus on your practice's performance and its improvement, we are committed to assisting you achieve results from day one. 75Health EHR ensures your practice gets started fast and offers a comprehensive documentation solution that is constantly up-to-date.

Our qualified professionals provide regular training, the features in our EHR see that appropriate information is at your fingertips, and we assure that your practice is alleviated from the burdens related to Meaningful Use and changed industry regulations and standards.

Tailored clinical workflows that save time, resources, and costs!

75Health EHR offers a comprehensive library of charting templates customizable according to your specific practice needs.