Time-saving and Easy-to-use EHR Software that ensures practice success.

Gain an edge on care delivery; stay on top of quality care - use the cloud-based 75Health EHR

Not requiring any software download or the need for managing hardware, the 75Health cloud-based EHR helps practices to stay up-to-date and current in the continuously evolving clinical ecosystem.

What makes it possible to stay current?

  • Multiple-device charting
  • Regular and automatic updates
  • Cloud-based technology
  • Exclusive patient portal
  • Integrated support for policies

Effective coordination of patient care using the unified EHR

The comprehensive system that helps organize patient data not only during the visit but also before and after the visit. Helps consolidating responsibilities of providers and their staff.

Want to See How We Reached the Top Spot in more number of categories than other EHRs?

Having been developed with participation and feedback from a huge number of clinicians, 75Health EHR has achieved attaining the recognition of being # 1 among any other EHRs for reliability, customer support and care, and overall performance!

Precious time can be saved by tailoring clinical workflows according to practice needs

Provided with comprehensive library of customizable templates that enable quick e-prescription, instant lab and imaging ordering, and immediate sharing of results - everything from the patients' EHRs, effortlessly!

  • Effective e-prescription
  • Connecting labs and imaging centers
  • Improved patient engagement
  • Intuitive charting
  • Keep abreast with changes in the industry

Dedicated team that supports regularly

Unmatched support from experts for guiding you from implementation through billing choice, patient import, and over usage of the EHR - rely on our team for end-to-end support.

  • On-demand resources
  • Unparalleled customer support
  • Improved patient engagement
  • Tailored implementation
  • Training and updates

Switching from existing method to the innovative EHR System

It is no easy job implementing an EHR in a medical practice. All that is related to paper records in your facility needs to be considered while transitioning to the new EHR. Cloud-based 75Health EHRs have opened unchartered avenues for all types of medical practices.

What makes the 75Health EHR unmatched?

With Health IT following an evolutionary route to the cloud, the massive task of keeping abreast with the constant changes in the industry is effectively met by the cloud-based 75Health EHR. Challenges in the form of Meaningful Use and ICD-10 are smoothly managed by using the innovative 75Health EHR.