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The innovative Medical Billing Software in 75Health EHR makes it possible to achieve faster payment collection and effective patient appointment scheduling

Efficient patient scheduling solutions that strengthen practice management while enabling physicians to perform better!

Medical appointment scheduling

The customizable patient appointment scheduler provides a bouquet of benefits such as online patient scheduling, paperless patient intake forms, automatic patient eligibility verification, and automatic appointment reminders.
75Health EHR Software includes a customizable patient scheduler that facilitates more efficient scheduling process, allowing providers to focus better on their patient care.

Features of the patient scheduler software

  • Scheduling patients by type of appointment, time, provider, or location is made possible - helping optimize schedule density
  • Automated text, phone, and email notifications to remind patients about their appointment timing
  • 75Health EHR enables automatically receiving patient charts tied the right appointment
  • Every detail starting with patient encounter being surfaced during the time of claim creation, there's no missing of charges

Data entry is reduced while efficiency is increased

Administrative burdens are greatly reduced by automating patient data flow - this is achieved by customizable patient scheduling and patient intake forms. Efficient scheduling using the scheduler saves time and efforts while streamlining the practice management.

Cloud-based patient scheduling

With 75Health EHR, providers and healthcare facilities can check and manage their schedule remotely using any digital device having internet connectivity. Quickly finding appointment availability is made possible; patients may view multiple facilities and provider schedules effortlessly.
Accurate and updated schedule can be maintained using a cloud-based appointment management system in the 75Health EHR Software. Front office staff is enabled to manage patient appointments in just seconds; patient appointment reminders ensure that missed appointments are reduced considerably - leading to increased practice efficiency and productivity.
The modern patient appointment scheduling software offers functionalities such as patient appointment reminders, recurring appointment management, and online appointment booking.