Brand Resources

To ensure our brand is consistently portrayed, we have a well-defined set of policies and guidelines for how our brand resources should be used. We have a comprehensive list of approved logos, colors, and typefaces that should be used in all of our marketing materials.

Using our Logo & Icon

Light theme Logo

Dark theme Logo

Light theme Icon

Dark theme Icon

Clear Space around the logo and icon should be atleast 10px

The light theme logo and icon should only be used on light backgrounds/imagery

The dark theme logo and icon should only be used on dark backgrounds/imagery

Do not use the logos and icons over similar-coloured or over busy backgrounds/imagery

Do not alter the logo and icon in any way that it looks different to the original

Our Colors


RGB: 192, 31, 68


RGB: 21, 53, 95


RGB: 239, 239, 239


Logo for
Light theme

Logo for
Dark theme

Icon for
Light theme

Icon for
Dark theme