The Benefits of Smart charting

Smart charting that saves considerable practice time

The 75Health HER-created with feedback from several providers and practices-offers efficient charting that helps save a lot of time. Seamless and customized design ensures that patient charting can be done exactly how you want it!

Efficient charting

The patient chart provides all relevant information about patients conveniently in one place. This increases efficiency while minimizing the distraction when you are focused on patient care.
Charting allows maintaining a brief summary of patients' medications, allergies, recent activities, and current vitals. You may record and look up family and social health history easily.
Automatic alerts are provided for factors that require prompt action for satisfying quality management measures. Choice of picking your own preferred documentation method is offered - text, templates, voice, whatever.

The exclusive charting process in 75Health EHR

Time-saving specialty-specific templates : Numerous medical charting templates are available - built by healthcare providers, these could be customized to perfectly fit your practice workflow.
Automatic favorite lists that minimize clicks : Specialty-specific list of the commonly used prescriptions, diagnoses, and pharmacies enable selecting what you seek and rapidly charting with reduced need for manual entries.
Note assist shortcuts for reducing keystrokes : Customizable shortcuts empower you to populate templates and patient information dynamically in medical notes.

Achieve charting naturally

Integrated dictation support: Dictation and transcription feature enables you to cut out typing process.
Use flow sheets for reviewing patient health longitudinally: Patient health information can be easily tracked; identifying potential gaps in care and monitoring progress are possible.
Diagnosis codes can be searched by keywords: ICD-10 is made easy; there'ss no need to memorize any diagnostic code: refinement suggestions and language filtering are available.

Effortless, yet effective charting

Tests can be ordered directly from patients charts : Electronic test orders can be submitted from the patient chart; structured results may be populated into your notes automatically.
Intake form data entry is eliminated : Online check-in enables patients to fill out customized intake forms digitally; information is sent to their chart notes directly.
eReferrals for care coordination : Patients medical charts can be sent electronically to any provider - secure collaboration on patient care is possible.