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The Reliable & Innovative ICD-10-Ready EHR Software

The Reliable ICD-10-Ready EHR

The New, Brave World of Medical Codes: ICD-10

The whole world over, there has been a hectic activity during the recent past, when it comes to medical coding and billing processes. Medical practices of all types and healthcare providers of all specialties are required to adapt Meaningful Use and the HITECH Act. Amid the throes of the massive, unprecedented transformation, ICD-10 code set facilitates smooth and easy way of conducting business.

The change of such magnitude is naturally about to bring in a new set of challenges in its wake, no doubt. Here's where the importance of the most reliable and effective ICD-10-ready EHR is felt among providers.

The Reliable & Innovative ICD-10-Ready EHR from 75Health

You are welcome to visit the 75Health ICD-10 center. Having released a great version of ICD-10- ready EHR, we have bagged quite a few positive comments and wonderful feedbacks from healthcare providers across the globe.

Essentials of ICD-10-Ready EHR Software

Product updates: ICD-10 coding must be offered by vendors in the workflow of medical practices at the earliest possible - this helps set time-based goals for medical coders as well as providers. This facilitates your practice to slowly get familiarized with the new set of codes.

Simplified Diagnosis Code Selection in ICD-10:Health IT vendors need to ensure that medical professionals and their assistants can easily identify ICD-10 codes. Effortless use and the ability to make intelligent use of information are key in maintaining and enhancing productivity.

Claims Submission in the Required Format: It is imperative that your vendor keeps tabs on your payers' ICD-10 progress.

Why is the ICD-10 Ready 75Health EHR Considered the Best?

The 75Health EHR with its end-to-end upgrade helps medical practices to transition easily to the new code set of ICD-10. You are not required to memorize any codes now. Refinement and natural language search filters available in it help narrow down on correct ICD-10 codes easily and quickly. Charting and lab ordering, along with superbill workflows are fully updated and tested; you may now order and bill confidently.

ICD-10 upgrades allow medical practices to achieve the following:

Maintenance of problem list: You are no longer required to face the difficulty of memorizing codes- with the natural language search, you can search by keyword and accomplish quick results.

Disruption-free transition: Changing over from ICD-9 to ICD-10 is made simple and effortless so that practices can maintain their efficiency while continuing to submit superbills, order labs, document diagnoses smoothly.

Quick transition: With the help of refinement filters, you will be able to identify the specific and most relevant ICD-10 codes quickly.

Efficient and Quick Coding in ICD-10

75Health helps you to upgrade quickly to ICD-10 in a hassle-free manner. Natural language search relieves you from having to memorize codes. Now you can search by keyword or ICD-9 codes for returning ICD-10 results. By using more descriptive search terms, you will be able to find quickly the appropriate ICD-10 code. 75Health EHR guides you with refinement suggestions, helping in selecting the clinically relevant and the most specific diagnosis codes.

Superbill for ICD-10

Our new superbill ensures seamless connection between billing and charting. With its own dedicated tab, the new superbill gives more space for entering diagnoses, adding procedures, and moving easily between the various areas of the chart. You may add multiple procedures simultaneously, saving a lot of time during additional code selection.

It is time you changed to an upgraded ICD-10 ready billing partner. Approach us for 75Health EHR- the easy-to-use EHR that enables you to transition to ICD-10 billing with the least disruption!