Top-ranked EHR with no disruption on your revenue or workflows

Use the Top-ranked EHR with no disruption on your revenue or workflows.

Practice made easy

The innovative EHR provides flexibility and freedom to perform better. Whether you operate from multiple locations or have multiple specialties, our EHR can be customized to suit the working of each practitioner and staff member. You may create your own template or select from our charting template library. With no charges for additional locations or users.

Billing made easy

Flexible options for billing ensure faster payment. Streamlined electronic superbill eases the billing process; you may get online billing solutions which directly integrate into the EHR.

Billing is simplified:

  • You may retain your existing billing if you so prefer.
  • You may get affordable and popular billing solutions from our billing partners.
  • Diagnosis coding tool enables search and find option for ICD-10 codes.
Cost saving and improved ROI:
  • Providers end up spending roughly USD 30,000 more than their budget, EHR being one significant element - this can be avoided with our EHR.
  • Primary reason why providers switch EHRs is need for additional features or more economical solution.

Make use of the Serverless EHR network

75Health facilitates information exchange across the practice with no need for expensive servers or IT staff.

  • Set up the EHR in just minutes on the device you prefer - all you need is Internet connectivity.
  • Managing multiple locations / providers and staff by using one admin is possible.
  • Complete data privacy and security assured.

Quick Data access with efficient administrative tools

Key data may be viewed instantly over the entire group of the healthcare organization. Providers may exchange information and perform their functions under a single platform by customizing our EHR.

  • Access records, compile audit reports fast.
  • Referral sending and receipt made easy.
  • Tracking and managing patients over varied clinical measures.
  • Dashboard for calculating progress automatically.
The top-rated EHR for Customer service.
  • Manage your daily workflow with the assistance of dedicated administrator.
  • Video tutorials, webinars, and live chat features help users in various ways.
  • Customized implementation according to your practice needs.
Each practice is allotted with a dedicated expert for implementing the system in a few minutes.
  • Support for transitioning by customized implementation.
  • Practice-specific transition plans.
  • Help available for uploading your existing data into the EHR.
  • Keep your existing system, implementation doesn't affect your revenue.
Figure out why a large number of healthcare facilities and practitioners opt for 75Health.
75Health EHR doesn't require closing any of your present systems. No loss of revenue while you make the switch. What's more, our EHR.