Medical Chart /SOAP Notes

Fundamentals of medical chart and SOAP notes templates and how they benefit medical practices

How to reap the full benefits of SOAP notes templates

Despite being seemingly conventional and simple, SOAP note and medical chart, with a few useful functionalities, may render clinicians' charting experience quicker and effective.
With SOAP note templates, it is possible to:
  • Include past visit notes and past health record into SOAP notes directly.
  • Previous diagnosis can be added from the assessment section
  • E-prescriptions can be created and sent from the Plan section directly
The simple, yet effective tools help save time and effort considerably with consistent use.
  • Automatic favorites list helps minimize clicks: With just a few clicks of a button, you may populate review of systems, clinical history, and typical examinations to achieve quick charting and reducing manual entry of data.
  • Note assist shortcuts enable reducing keystrokes: Customizable shortcuts available here facilitate populating patient data and templates dynamically in the medical notes.
  • Specialty-specific templates help save time: Accessing numerous medical charting templates created by other providers and customizing them according to your specific workflow is possible.
  • Fill-in-the-blank fields help avoid extra clicks: Forms can be navigated smoothly using the fill-in-the-blank fields that are programmed by you into your template.
What makes 75Health medical chart and SOAP notes templates special?
  • Smartly designed, templates for your discharge summary, clinical notes, and consultation notes
  • SOAP notes can be transcribed accurately
  • Administrative processes can be simplified
Built-in templates that are customized to meet your specific practice needs allow you to create automatic responses, thus saving a lot of your time on charting. Configurable provider SOAP note templates enable quick documentation of patient visits and viewing pre-appointment questionnaires that are filled by the patients in addition to previous visit details.
By modifying work processes, we make technology work for you and save time for you!