Meaningful Use Resources

Meaningful Use Resources

Objectives of Meaningful Use

The Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive programs offer financial incentive for meaningful use of the electronic health record (EHR) technology for achieving efficiency and health objectives.
By adopting and meaningfully using an effective EHR System, providers can reap benefits even beyond financial incentives. These benefits include improved availability of data and records, error reduction, crucial patient alerts and reminders, e-prescription, and clinical decision support.

The 75Health Advantage

75Health partners with providers and healthcare organizations to train them at every step to accomplish meaningful use.
  • 2016 meaningful use dashboard: enables you to learn using the dashboard and stay on the right track with updated meaningful use requirements, while helping you to successfully attest to meaningful use with the CMS.
  • Meaningful use measures and objectives guide: Practices may understand meaningful use dashboard and the computations related to the recent updates to the requirements of the program.

Electronic Clinical Quality Measures

ECQM Guide: learning about eCQM dashboard and the measures tracked by it is possible here.

ECQM Measure Table: Comprehensive list about eCQMs that are presently supported are found in the measure table.


Attestation checklist: Helps keep track of all the necessary things required for attestation.

Attestation guide: Instant video to help preparing for attestation for claiming money.

CMS 2016 Attestation guide: Official guide for learning about the changes in attestation during 2016

Other Resources

Tutorials: on-demand resources about meaningful use

Blog: Helps keeping you updated regularly on meaningful use requirements, deadlines, and changes.

We have provided meaningful use center for checking out the various resources available for learning about meaningful use.