Meaningful Use Tutorials

Meaningful Use Tutorials

The Tutorials section in the 75Health EHR provides an overview of the basics about the meaningful use program. It includes a description about the policy objectives behind the program and its design in health information technology.
The tutorial discusses the basic meaningful use requirements and how meaningful use incentive payments operate under the Medicare and Medicaid incentive programs.
75Health EHR for meeting PCMH standards

Our experts will demonstrate how 75Health EHR helps meet 2017PCMH recognition requirements. In this webinar, you will be shown optimal and appropriate workflows related to the recent features supporting PCMH.

75Health EHR helps increase practice efficiency

The learning center in 75Health provides ell necessary training for mastering the EHR. You may learn to maximize your practice's efficiency through this webinar, while simplifying the way of using the EHR.

E-prescribing streamlined with task delegation and preferred pharmacies

Learn how patient-preferred pharmacies as well as prescription task delegation can be used to expedite workflow while increasing practice efficiency.

Patient-centric care can be achieved by optimizing 75Health EHR

This section shows how patient care can be streamlined with product workflows.

Report on new patient list

Guides practices through our new patient list report that shows how to operate and export new reports and save your queries that are frequently used.

Keeping tabs on practice progress with Value-based care programs

You may explore how to make use of your MIPS and cCQM dashboards for selecting the measures and activities, tracking your progress, and understanding your participation data.