Comprehensive Immunization Records

75Health EHR Software guarantees accurate and comprehensive immunization records that are stored on the cloud for easy access.

What are Immunization Records?

Immunization record forms the comprehensive timeline of each and every vaccination that a patient has received. By perfectly recording these details, patients will be able to provide complete and accurate immunization records that prove vital in school enrollment, during travel, or in certain jobs.

Managing your immunization record

It is by asking your physician or nurse to record all the vaccinations that are given to you that you may ensure to maintain your child's immunization record up-to-date. The name and details of the provider and the clinic must be written down as well.
In case you are not having a complete record of your or your child's past immunizations, you may approach the following organizations:
State health department : A copy of your child's immunization record may be requested. The immunization information system contains these details as well.
Physician's office or public health clinic : Doctors' offices as well as clinics will keep the immunization records only for a few years.
School : Children's schools keep the records related to immunization for a year or so.
College health services.
Military records : Health information from the veteran's administration maybe requested for immunization records.
In case a complete immunization record is unavailable, testing your blood for antibodies will help determine the immunity to certain specific diseases. This, however, may not prove accurate always. Revaccination is advisable in such doubtful situations.

Interpretation of abbreviations in the immunization records

Consulting the vaccine and acronyms and abbreviations list' will help interpretation of generally used abbreviations and acronyms that are used by healthcare professionals.

The Role of Electronic Health Record (EHR)

EHR ensure that immunization records are accurate and complete. Good EHR Software or system sees to it that providers are alerted about any incomplete, missing, or inaccurate immunization records.
EHRs also warrant that a patient's immunization record is stored in an easily accessible location and is never lost. Healthcare professionals may ensure that all essential information are available for providing the most optimal care possible, while patients may ensure that they have access to their immunization records always.