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Patient adherence tools provided by 75Health help improve medication adherence

Following the treatment plans suggested and taking the medications recommended by providers is crucial

What is Patient / Medication Adherence?

Patient adherence refers to how patients conform to the dosage, timing, and frequency of the prescribed medication as recommended by their providers. Resulting in dire consequences frequently, non-adherence to treatment plans and suggested medications need to be handled seriously.

Significance of Patient adherence tools in your EHR

Quality healthcare outcomes are greatly influenced by patients' adherence to the recommended treatment regimens. For any medical condition or ailment, patients' adherence to the treatment plans and medications is as important as correct diagnosis and effective treatment. A hefty sum of money is being spent across the globe annually because of medication non-adherence costs.

Patient adherence tools help improve health outcomes

Studies have shown that patients with chronic diseases, when highly engaged, tended to follow treatment plans diligently and they had better health outcomes when compared to those who were not engaged. The medication adherence tools within your EHR Software prove to be patient-specific and interactive, thus facilitate better patient adherence.

Monitoring adherence and accessing treatment plans on real-time

The 75Health EHR enables practitioners to share care plans with their patients over the patient portal. Not just diagnoses and medication lists, care plans are instrumental in guiding patients through the entire treatment process. Patients can also be provided with reminders and educational materials that ensure proper adherence and follow-up.

75Health's efficient tools for patient adherence

Understanding the importance of medication adherence, we have seen to it that it is being weaved into our EHR in different ways. From setting up alerts and reminders through tying the data from a patient's EHR and pharmacy systems we have put in place various tools to ensure patient adherence.

How do medication adherence tools help improve care?

Education and saving to patients : Providers can text or email useful information about medication adherence to patients directly from the e-prescribing platform in the EHR.
Patient medication adherence score can be viewed : Medication adherence tools enable clinicians to view the patient adherence score for a given period.
At-risk alerts can be triggered : Medication adherence tools in the EHR are capable of triggering at-risk alerts for clinicians. This helps identifying the medication that has not been taken properly.