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Your guide to learn what patient intake form templates are and how to use them to your practice's advantage

Our collection of healthcare form templates enable you to quickly register new patients or learn all about the patient's health record. With a number of designs and themes that enhance patient engagement, our patient intake form templates improves the patient-provider communication, while enabling providers to better understand about their patients and their needs.

Patient intake form templates that offer you the most

Patients are now enabled to complete your practice's intake forms prior to their appointments, thanks to the online check-in service provided by us. What's more, there's no need for manually entering the responses of the form into your EHR: we have seen to it that information flows into patient's chart note directly!
No more long waiting times for patients. You get to see your patients faster, view complete patient health histories, and your patients can complete all the necessary clinical forms conveniently online, from the comfort of their place, even before their scheduled appointment. All this has been made possible by the online check-in facility. This reduces waiting time and allows more time for patient encounters.

Significant process of patient intake

One of the primary and often overlooked processes in the medical industry, patient intake, is a vital interaction between the provider and the patient. We have ensured that this interaction, through our patient intake form templates, is rendered to be the perfect start that facilitates a good relationship. We make this possible by providing the following benefits:
  • Providers receive the patient intake form prior to appointment
  • Patients can conveniently complete the form online
  • Time and efforts are saved
  • Paper work is eliminated, and accuracy is maintained
Revisit forms can be used for all follow-up appointments. Security of patients' private information is assured. The patient intake form template provides a simple way to acquire consent signatures, update health record of patients, and much more.

Benefits of the Patient Intake Form Templates

  • Completely customizable patient intake forms that suit your specific needs
  • Replicate your existing patient intake forms; update forms at any time
  • Forms are more complete and information is accurate
  • Time is saved by your patients as they may complete their forms from anywhere; your staff time is saved, as they are not required to enter or scan the information in the form manually to your EHR - it is done automatically