Online patient portals empower patients to access their health information

Patient portals allow patients to take active part in their care

Patient Portal

A patient portal is an exclusive website connected to an EHR. It focuses on enabling patients to access their health information. This effective tool present in EHRs allows patients to view various vital data points such as health history, physician notes, lab results, immunization details, and discharge summaries, among other things.

Patients get instant access to their health information

75Health provides secure online patient portal that offers patients quick access to personal health records including procedure history, diagnosis, medications, immunizations, and other essential information. Being updated on real-time and offering accessibility from anywhere at any time, patient portals play a crucial role in enabling patients interact with the EHR.

Patient satisfaction

Inability to access health records was one of the major concerns of patients, according to surveys. With the innovative patient portal, regardless of whether it is the emergency room or their home, patients will be able to access their updated, accurate medical records in a secure manner.
The portal helps patients track their healthcare costs with the help of simple and effective graphs that explain health spending and insurance details without the need for phone calls or paper work. These features not only save patients' time and efforts but also offer them complete satisfaction.

Encourage patients to participate actively in their care using patient portal

A vast majority of the people who have internet connectivity prefer to go online for viewing their health records. Most of those who do not have online access state that they want it. A portion of the patient population has even mentioned that they would switch providers for want of gaining online access to EHRs. Having EHRs and providing patients with online access are no more an innovative thing - they are rather essentials today.
Benefits of patient portals
  • Patient engagement is greatly improved
  • Processes can be automated, practice efficiency can be increased
  • No-shows can be reduced and scheduling can be made efficient
  • Provider-patient communication becomes better
  • Medication adherence improves
  • Documentation gets better
Patient portals are gaining increasingly more popularity because of their usefulness and benefits. Practices need to leverage these tools for boosting patient engagement and improving their care quality.