NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home RECOGNITION

Achieving Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Recognition by Using 75Halth EHR

If you wish to achieve NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home recognition, 75Health EHR helps you.
Practices that wish to get recognized but are unsure where to get started may adopt our innovative EHR; we offer all the necessary resources and guidance in all the processes involved in getting NCQA PCMH recognition.
The NCQA PCMH recognition fundamentals
Introduced by the American Association of Pediatrics in 1967, the medical home concept got its Joint principles during 2007 from leading primary care-oriented medical professional societies. NCQA released its PCMH recognition program the next year. This was the first evaluation program based on the PCMH model.
Find out how your practice will be helped by 75Helath's EHR for achieving NCQA PCMH recognition
PCMH prevalidation has been designed for helping practices to make use of IT solutions. This helps them alleviate the administrative aspects related to NCQA PCMH program needs or make them more efficient.
75Health EHR, with its PCMH prevalidation, enables practices to receive points in the automatic credit (autocredit) associated with NCQA PCMH 2014 scoring. This helps practices to smoothly achieve PCMH recognition.
Our EHR has earned also supporting designation for several factors. This ensures that users get a more streamlined and effective pathway toward achieving maximum number of factors that are necessary for getting the formal NCQA PCMH recognition.
Practices that wish to earn recognition through NCQA need to commit themselves to provide quality improvement within their practices. They are required to adopt a patient-centric approach to care which leads to happy and healthy patients.
Documentation related to that associated factor in their PCMH Survey need not be submitted by practices that use NCQA prevalidated system and have been awarded autocredit for a particular factor. 75Health EHR has helped numerous practices to achieve NCQA PCMH recognition.