how practice management system streamlines your practice

Robust Medical Practice Management System.

Comprehensive medical practice management software and unique tools for medical billing that help reduce practice workload while improving messaging, reporting, and much more.

The Fundamentals of Practice Management

Managing the regular administrative and financial operations involved in the healthcare facility setting through efficient channelizing of the actions, resources, and decisions is the essence of medical practice management. It is a tough and time-consuming job managing practices in the modern times. Practitioners and their staff members need to handle financial, regulatory, technological, and administrative tasks, along with their core function of ensuring the most optimal care to patients.
75Health provides a host of beneficial healthcare technologies, the cloud-based electronic health record and medical practice management software forming the major constituents of the suite. Helping run your medical office smoothly and efficiently, our EHR has been rated as number 1 among peers and competitors.
Streamlining practice workflows using this EHR is easy and possible from anywhere - with any digital device.
E-prescribing, reporting, document management, eligibility verification, intuitive charting, referrals, lab and imaging center connectivity, and online check-in are a few of the several effective functions that can be performed using 75Health EHR System.
Tracking and managing groups of different patients over various clinical measures is enabled.
The inbuilt population management program in the software helps practices to deliver improved care to patients; features such as performance dashboards, automated communication tools, and information-based decision support are the added benefits.
A record number of healthcare facilities and medical professionals are using 75Health EHR for efficiently managing their practice.
See for yourself how 75Health medical practice management system streamlines your practice and enables delivering the best care possible.