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Solo Practices

The Top-rated EHR catering to individual & solo practices.

Practice with convenience using the flexible billing, e-prescribing, quick charting, and several other features.

Here's how we are rated the top-notch EHR for 1 in every 3 individual practices.
Have the freedom and flexibility to perform better using the best EHR that perfectly fits solo practices. 75Health has been ranked as number 1 among several EHRs for its:
  • Meaningful Use
  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Overall Performance
  • Customer Care & Support
  • Training and education
Cost saving and improved ROI.
A hefty sum of money is being spent by providers year over year on EHRs.
Personalize your EHR to fit your practice.
You don't need a lot of time to set up this EHR. Nor do you require much money or energy. Start charting in just a few minutes, have the flexibility to customize the EHR according to your specific needs. No hardware or software required. What's more, we offer our EHR.

E-prescribing made easy

Empower your patients to get required medications quickly with our reliable e-prescribing system.

  • Avoid double entry by using single order for multiple Medications.
  • Electronic ordering to any Pharmacy that is e-prescribing-enabled.
  • Medication-allergy checks to protect patients.
  • Automated electronic pre-authorizations that save several man hours.
  • Two-click prescription refills for expediting care.

Charting made easy

Customize your specific preferences using our versatile EHR. Achieve intuitive and natural charting with less number of clicking and reduced typing efforts - gain time to spend with patients.

  • Tracking and managing referrals.
  • Use any digital device with Internet connectivity for charting from anywhere.
  • Charting templates can be modified and edited according to your workflow.
  • Patient health tracking and access to historic lab and radiology reports possible.
  • Send lab and radiology orders; collect results digitally.

Practicing made easy

Cut down efforts and time of administrative processes while spending more time with patients.

  • Dashboards that enable tracking practice progress while meeting meaningful use objectives.
  • Automatic appointment reminders.
  • Recurring appointment scheduling.
  • Exclusive patient portal to engage patients.

Billing made easy

Use flexible billing options that enable faster payment. Bill the way that proves suitable to your solo practice.

Simplified billing process:
  • Search and find diagnosis codes.
  • Patient insurance eligibility verification.
  • Avail billing solutions from our billing partners.
  • Electronic superbills for existing billing processes

You can use only the features that are required.

While it is optional for you to use only the features that are necessary, we can develop others that you want - we make it a point to keep updating the EHR according to your feedback.

Figure out why we have been rated number 1 when solo practice is concerned.

There's no need of closing down your existing billing system. Keep your revenue generation in force while you try our EHR.