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E-Prescription Software
So What’s New About This E-Prescribing software ?

The process of generating and sending prescription orders electronically, the electronic prescription software has gained momentum in medical facilities of all types and sizes across the globe. Providers are enabled to transmit their prescription directly to pharmacies from the point of care.

Assuring improved accuracy, enhanced care quality, and increased patient safety, e-prescribing software does away with hand-written details that require to be interpreted by pharmacists. No need for calling in prescriptions, patients can now get exactly the medications that they need quickly.

Looking for the Best EHR With E-Prescription Facility ?

75Health’s electronic prescription software system consists of the most connected network in the medical industry for supporting providers, practices, and patients. Beginning with streamlining processes such as prior authorization through communicating with pharmacies regarding orders, 75Health’s e-prescribing software facilitates smooth and expedited functioning.

With the most connected 75Health electronic prescription software, you may send multiple medications just with a single order; two-clicking prescription refills is possible, and all that is required is any Internet-enabled device. We take care of connecting with a whopping network of thousands of pharmacies and providing your patients the convenience of receiving medications easily and quickly.

Features of the 75Health E-Prescribing software

Medications reference database

Medication history

Clinical alerts


Digital prior authorization

Prescription cancellation – renewal

Refill management

Formulary management

The 75Health Electronic Prescription software Advantages

We ensure that our cloud-based patient portal empowers providers’ follow-up with their patients about the treatment. It equips you with not just medication information, it offers educational materials as well. This helps in the much needed support for adherence.

Keeping up-to-date with the most recent regulations and meeting the regular changes in the industry is assured when you adopt the 75Health Electronic Prescription Software. Furthermore, all privacy rules and compliance requirements are diligently followed.

Security of Sensitive Patient Data and HIPAA-Compliance

It is our priority to protect your patients’ privacy and security. All proposed certification needs and federal regulations are well taken care of by complete compliance. We offer world class protection and security while ensuring that you stay connected with the maximum number of entities in healthcare.

Our e-prescribing software solution, certified for EPCS, offers real-time interaction, traces medication histories for providers. It allows clinicians to create customizable progress note templates.

Increasing the accuracy and efficiency of prescribing, 75Health e-prescribing software meets the standards set by HITECH Act and Meaningful Use.

75Health provides the most robust and intuitive e-prescribing that practices can start using in just a few minutes.