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Medical Information Technology Service:

Electronic devices and tools have come to replace various physical processes in many walks of life. It has been found that applying technological advancement and its resulting tools in the noble field of medication proves vitally useful to individuals and clinicians. Electronic Health Records (EHR) has attained the rank of one of the leading technology-based applications in medical industry in the recent past.

At 75Health, doctors and hospitals are assured of a certified as well as integrated electronic medical records(EMR) system that is comprised of various electronic software such as practice management software, e-prescription software, care portal, and communication options as well. We are one among the best Electronic Medical Records Providers in the industry. 75Health has arrived as the Best Software Providers offering a multitude of services with added benefits to professionals.

Significance of EHR and EMR Providers to Medical Industry

EHR providers have brought about a sea change in the way personal medical records have been managed so far. EMR providers aims not only to provide detailed medicinal data but also relevant information in connection with an individual and his various health details that help medical professionals in the safe treatment and delivery of good healthcare. 75 Health has been adjudged as the Best Providers as our application is found to consist all that can be expected the most reliable EHR providers.

Why 75Health is Rated Among the Top?

75Health, the leading online Electronic Health Record Providers, allow doctors to check and review their schedules, patient appointments, and other such processes by using any of the digital devices such as computers, smart phones, and mobile devices. SMS alerts to patients about appointment confirmation, reporting of patient arrival at clinic, and recording notes about each patient visit are some of the elements available in our health record.



Reportedly, a large number of health care service providers tend to adopt the best technology available in the market. Hospitals and private practices, institutions and academies alike are leaning more toward using technology for the betterment of medicative care and delivery of improved service. Following are a few services offered

Reliable and accurate therapeutic information

Convenience of access and reliability of data

Effective Communication

Error-free Records and Elimination of redundancy

Better Care Coordination

Secure and quick sharing of personal records

Benefits of Choosing 75Health as Your EMR Providers

Enhanced Productivity and workflow

Improved Patient Care

Better Interaction and Rapport between doctors and patients

Fast and smooth decision-making process

Increased quality of care and co-ordinate medicative care

Cautionary remainders, Warnings and Alerts can be made for patients

Saving in time and effort

Reduced man power requirement

Changing with the times, medical fraternity has also adopted the digital route to manage important medical information. 75Health EMR and EHR Providers assist doctors and hospitals in seamlessly conducting their day-to-day activity in an accurate and efficient manner!