Amazing Features and Benefits of 75Health
“75Health is totally cloud-based, implying that there is nothing to download and install. Our system comes preloaded with all the codes and forms necessary to get started - simply login through your web browser, and start charting.”
Patient records identification and maintenance
Managing and maintaining patient demographics
Powerful Scheduler
Managing doctor visits
Managing Medication lists
Capture and management of clinical documents
Managing patient care plans with tests and guidelines
Managing billing information along with pending and completed billing cycles
Automated email generations for reminders of appointments and payments
Tracking diagnostic tests and vaccinations
Standard assessments support
Report generations
International SMS

The cloud-based online electronic health records (EHR) system allows you to create, manage patient records easily and securely. You can upload and store your patient's records and practice documents like consent forms, handouts, x-rays, etc. and go paperless. Group documents can be stored into folders and tagged. This helps to locate them easily, whenever you need them.

Our safe and sound, cloud-based technology lets you access everything you need - appointments, files, documents and more - from anywhere you go. Enjoy improved workflow efficiency and operational control with75Health.

Quickly scan allergy, medication, lab results and problems lists, plus review medical, family, and social histories and manage patient care from anywhere. Our highly-trained support staffs are just a phone call away. Planning to switch EHR? Sign up for a demo!

“75health Electronic Health Record Software is considered the best due to its ability to eliminate manual errors, easily access and view lab results and patient records, print medical records and prescriptions and even has a provision of storing backup data upon provider's request.”
An easily accessible web-based system that can be reached anywhere with backups and no pricey hardware or tiresome IT tasks.
Flexibility to a clinical setup
Specifically designed platform for small and medium-sized clinics
Data Security - secured in handling data and maintaining confidential patient information.
Unlimited data storage - unaffected access to relevant patient and doctor information.
E-prescribing - submit electronic prescriptions and minimizing serious errors - transmitting digitized prescription data
Compatibility - web-based application and supported across all devices.
24 x 7 support - first-rate after-sales support with round the clock attendance
Convenient patient statements (and print/mail services)

Improved Efficiency and Productivity are the key benefits. The goal of 75Health is to have patient information available to anyone who needs it, when they necessitate it and where they need it. With an EHR, lab results can be regained speedily, thus saving time and money.

Sign up with 75 Health for improved legibility of clinical notes, better access anytime and anywhere, reduced duplication. The platform gives a reminder for tests or preventive services when overdue. 75 Health offers clinical decision support that reminds clinicians about patient allergies, a correct dosage of medications, etc.

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