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Medical Billing Software

Medical Billing Software
Medical Billing Software: the Fundamentals

Medical billing is the process of payment practice that involves claims submission by health care providers with insurance companies for collecting payment toward medical services provided to patients. Since complete and proper reimbursement for treatment and procedures provided forms the base for the financial stability of any health care facility, the entire process of medical billing is considered crucial.

Health information technology has transformed the manually performed medical billing process by replacing paper work with digital mode. Accuracy and quality needs apart, changes in governmental and legal requirements have necessitated digitizing the vital medical billing process. Also referred to as revenue cycle management, the medical billing process is the interaction between health care providers and insurance companies.

Significance of Medical Billing Software

Billing medical claims for services provided is a complex process that involves several interactions between the care providers and insurance companies. There are quite a few factors such as payer type, authorizations, eligibility, insurance cover, and others, upon which medical billing depends. All these need to be automatically assigned accurately to claims, ready to be submitted. This is where effective medical billing software plays a crucial role. Being capable of filing accurate claims and getting quick and perfect reimbursements depends on using the appropriate billing software.

Improve Your Revenue Cycle Management with the Effective 75Health Medical Billing Software

Our network intelligence and round-the-clock service teams assists you in easing your medical practice’s billing and administrative tasks. We ensure that your services are getting paid faster while your billing efforts are reduced. Cloud-based 75Health Medical Billing Software facilitates practices to accurately manage both patient and insurance payments.

Our state-of-the-art medical billing software allows providers to excel in their core function of managing patient care and strengthens their practice performance through reliable, end-to-end practice management solutions. Web-based software enables practices and professionals to work from anywhere so that cash flow is not interrupted by any factors.

Features in 75Health Medical Billing Software

Electronic claims

Easy entry of procedures

Eligibility verification

Appointment scheduling

Denial management

Patient collections and statements

Practice reporting

Claims scrubber

Clearinghouse connectivity

Benefits of Availing 75Health Medical Billing Software

Medical Billing Software influences one of the vital elements of your medical practice - cash flow. It is imperative to choose the right medical billing software to be able to accomplish financial well-being of your practice. The following are a few of the exclusive advantages of our medical billing software:

Flexible options for billing

Time-saving super bills

ICD-10 certified process and accurate claims

Workflow dashboard

Constantly updated claims processing and management

Customized performance reporting

HIPAA compliance

Web-based solutions that offer easy access, data security, and reliable backup

Medical billing regulations prove complex and undergo frequent changes. 75Health Medical Billing Software ensures that your billing process is completed in such a way that your payments are maximized and denials are minimized. Our services enable health care facilities to save time, achieve accuracy, and maximize insurance payments for health care services provided.