My Health Records

My Health Record
My Health Record – an Introduction

My Health Record is the summary of an individual’s health information that is maintained online in digital mode. By making use of My Health Record Software, you can enter, edit, store, and share your health information with your physicians, hospitals, and other health care facilities as and when required. Previously known as personally controlled electronic health record, this software allows the user to control data entry and allows controlled access to the information contained in it.

Using My Health Record software, you can store, view, and also update all your personal health information in one place securely and conveniently. It is also possible to manage the health information of someone you care for, with this software.

Significance of My Health Record Software

Offering to store and manage personal health information, My Health Record Software allows individuals to participate in their health management, enhance quality of care, and increase their safety substantially. Easy and quick access to critical private medical information and the convenient communication of vital health data with the necessary professionals at the right time ensures safety and timely care delivery.

My Health Record Software allows individuals to participate actively in their own health management. All key health information about their medical conditions and treatment are being included in My Health Record Software and are accessible online in secure manner. In the event of medical emergencies, health care providers—who are authorized to access patients’ My Health Record—will be enabled to provide the best care possible, in quick manner.

Our My Health Record Service Includes

Viewing your health record online

Recording personal health records

Viewing lab and radiology test reports

Reviewing medications

Communicating with medical service providers

Accessing medically reviewed information

Viewing allergies and adverse Medication reactions

Details about immunizations

Referral documents

Contact details and Emergency contact numbers

Benefits of our My Health Record Software

Being created and managed in the digital format, My Health Record includes critical health care information that facilitates efficient management of individuals’ health. The following are a few of the advantages of this innovative health care technology:

Convenient and Quick to Use: When using My Health Record Software, there is no need for taking the pains to remember heath history – all data is provided in easily accessible electronic format for the reference of different health care providers.

Improved Access to Critical Health Information: Individuals’ health care data being available online in one place, it is easy for different medical professionals who are required to access it.

Increased Patient Safety: Health care facilities and caregivers who are connected to My Health Record system will be able to see the critical health information contained in it quickly – this helps immensely during emergencies. Moreover, allergies and adverse reactions may be listed in the My Health Record, enabling caregivers to manage your health better

Data Privacy: Electronic mode allows better control over access to information – only those authorized will be able to access your personal health information.

Security of Data: It is possible to offer controlled access to health information in the My Health Record – your sensitive medical data is completely protected from loss or misuse.

Health information technology has been used extensively in the modern medical industry. My Health Record Software from 75Health is one innovative technology that helps patients and providers in ensuring the best possible care delivery.