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Release Notes

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75Health EHR updates are released frequently over a 10 days period - know more on what we have introduced.

EHR Update October 21, 2019

We are very happy to inform you that the option to Archive patients has been introduced for users to hide patients as per their preference, the option to Unarchive is also available..Read More..

EHR Update August 13, 2019

We are very happy to inform you that the option to customize the intervals for SMS and Email reminders sent to your patients has been introduced..Read More..

EHR Update April 29, 2019

We are glad to inform you that the Physical examination module has been successfully introduced in our application, detailed examination details can be recorded..Read More..

EHR Update February 04, 2019

We are happy to inform you that E-prescription services have been successfully integrated into our application and is now available for users to start issuing medications..Read More..

EHR Update January 21, 2019

The option to Turn ON/OFF the SMS/Email notifications reminders sent to patients and to create new label[s] and assign patient[s] to them has been introduced....Read More..

EHR Update December 17, 2018

The option to create new CDS rule[s] has been introduced...Read More..

EHR Update December 03, 2018

The option to create Patient[s] from the calendar page has been introduced and a Doctor confirmation option has also been added to the Online Web Appointment Feature..Read More..

EHR Update November 19, 2018

We now enable our users to add multiple vital readings at once into the vitals module..Read More..

EHR Update October 8, 2018

We are now fully HIPAA compliant, the option to add Head circumference details for infants..Read More..

EHR Update September 10, 2018

We now enable users to record multiple results for each Test..Read More..

EHR Update July 16, 2018

The limit for the number of CCD files that can be imported has been removed to permit unlimited files...Read More..

EHR Update June 18, 2018

This update of 75Health will enable providers to add Status information of patients and patients to provide access of their Health information to other patients..Read More..

EHR Update June 04, 2018

The CCD file limit for each import has been increased to 25, Patient Education Resources available, advance directives and amendment modules have been included..Read More..

EHR Update May 16, 2018

Record information of Implanted devices for patients, assign them goals, assign care team members. You can also add more information of the to their patient profile and update status of vaccines..Read More..

EHR Update April 26, 2018

The patient ID card has will now display more crucial information, Generate Hash values for all uploaded files, include patient related weblinks to their EHRs..Read More..

EHR Update April 11, 2018

Migrate from any EHR platform to ours and import your patient information and Health records by importing CCD documents, we have also included gender identity..Read More..

EHR Update March 28, 2018

We now enable users to import patient information via CSV documents, we have also included race, ethnicity and preferred language fields., Read More..

EHR Update March 14, 2018

75health now provides their users to Export CCD documents of their patients and also add and view details in all languages.,  Read More..

EHR Update February 28, 2018

Our new inclusions will now enable you to view Bill reports, shortcuts added to the patient list page, enhanced the patient search filter using phone number.,  Read More..

EHR Update January 31, 2018

Features included in the Problems, Test order, Medications and Family health history modules to enhance your experience and reduce time.,  Read More..

EHR Update December 29, 2017

RxNorm, SNOMED CT coding systems introduced and few fields included to acommodate HL7 regulations,  Read More..

EHR Update December 14, 2017

Options included to share Test orders and Prescriptions directly to labs and pharmacy via Internal and External Messaging options,  Read More..